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Travel InsuranceIt is a condition of joining one of our holidays that you must be insured againstmedical and personal liability risks.We have arranged travel insurance with specialist insurance broker, CampbellIrvine, underwritten by the ACE European Group Ltd*. This cover has beenspecifically tailored to our kind of travel and we strongly recommend that youuse it; the cover includes a 24-hour worldwide emergency medical servicewhich provides friendly and professional emergency help.To arrange cover or to obtain a quotation please contact Campbell Irvinedirectly or apply online at 0844 826 2722, Alternatively you may contact us to request a travelinsurance application form. Please note that the premium quoted by Campbell Irvine may depend upon the total cost of your holiday with us.TRAVEL INSURANCE - A SUMMARY OF COVER(Extent of cover in each case is per insured person)MEDICAL EXPENSES- Up to £10,000,000Covering:(i)In-patient benefit: £10 per day up to £200(ii)Criminal injuries: £100 per day up to £5,000(iii) Personal liability: £2,000,000DELAYED DEPARTURE OR ARRIVALCovering:(i)Either compensation up to £100or cancellation after 12 hours up to £1,000(ii)Hi-jack of aircraft: £100 per day up to £3,000(iii) Failure of flight connections: £25 per day up to £150 (iv) Interruption of transport: £300 PERSONAL ACCIDENT-Up to £25,000Covering:(i)Permanent loss of sight: £25,000(ii)Loss of limb(s): £25,000(iii) Permanent total disablement: £25,000(iv) Death: £10,000PERSONAL EFFECTS-Up to £2,000 Covering:(i)Valuables (limited to £350)(ii)Single articles (limited to £250)(iii) Disc collections (limited to £200)(iv)Money: £500(v)Tickets: £1,000 (vi)Passport and visas: £250 CANCELLATION OR CURTAILMENT- Up to £3,000LEGAL EXPENSES- Up to £25,000IMPORTANTThis is only a summary of cover; full details of the cover provided are shown on your policy document which will be sent to you once the appropriate premiumhas been paid. Please read it carefully to ensure you understand the coverprovided which is offered on a Non Advised basis from a single insurer. Thepolicy includes certain terms, conditions, exclusions and excesses. In particularcover is excluded for any defined pre-existing medical condition from which youor any person upon whom travel depends are suffering. If in doubt please contactthe medical helpline in confidence on 0844 826 2686, as additional cover may bepurchased directly from the insurer's medical screening helpline for certain pre-existing medical conditions. Should you wish for a specimen copy, this will bemade available prior to purchase upon request or alternatively a copy is availablefor download from the Campbell Irvine website. The policy contains a 14-dayCooling Off Period and details of how to make a claim and who to contact in theevent of a medical emergency.*Both Campbell Irvine Ltd. and ACE are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.This can be checked on the FSA's register by visiting the FSA's website at orby contacting them on 0845 606 1234. Naturetrek is an Introducer Appointed Representative ofCampbell Irvine Ltd.Booking InformationBOOKING INFORMATION284STEP ONE:Read the brochure descriptionof the trip that you are interested in, togetherwith the technical details and bookingconditions. If you need more information,phone or email us for the detailed itinerary,stating the name of the trip.STEP TWO:Fill in and sign our bookingform, and send it to us with the correctdeposit, which is made up of 20% of the tourcost (including any extensions you wish tobook) plus the full cost of room supplementsfor each person booked. Alternatively, youcan visit our website fill in our secure online booking form. It is not normally necessary to phone us foravailability unless the trip of your choice isdeparting in less than three months. If it isless than 70 days away, check theavailability and send us fullpayment onbooking. We accept VISA, AMEX, Delta, UKMaestro and Mastercard. Please note thatcommission charges levied by the creditcard company will be added to our billing offinal payments but not to your deposit.STEP THREE:We will confirm your bookingand send you all the further detailsnecessary for you to prepare for yourholiday. At peak times our confirmation maytake up to a fortnight to reach you; normallywe aim to do it within a week.STEP FOUR:Send us all remainingpayments no later than 70 DAYS beforedeparture. Whenever you communicate withus please state the name of your trip andyour client reference number.STEP FIVE:We will send your final joininginstructions and tickets about two weeksbefore departure.STEP SIX:Go on your holiday and have agood trip!This is what you need to do in order tobook a Naturetrek holiday:The Naturetrek Loyalty SchemeFor those of you who travel on more than one overseas tour during the calendar year, after booking direct with us, we are pleasedto offer a discount of 5% on each additional holiday. We regret, however, that the holidays from our 'Bargain Selection' (which arealready heavily discounted), Tailormade holidays, and those tours in aid of wildlife charities, do not qualify for this scheme.

285BOOKING FORMBooking FormPlease use the back of this form if you have any special requests such as extensions.WHEN COMPLETED PLEASE RETURN THIS FORM TO: NATURETREK LTD., CHERITON MILL, CHERITON, ALRESFORD, HANTS SO24 0NG. InsuranceIt is a condition of joining one of our holidays that youmust be fully insured against medical and personalaccident risks. We are Introducer AppointedRepresentatives of Campbell Irvine Ltd. who areauthorised and regulated by the Financial ServicesAuthority. We recommend that you arrange travelinsurance through Campbell Irvine Ltd., as their policyis particularly suited to our type of holiday. When youhave taken out travel insurance, either with CampbellIrvine or another insurer, please send us the details ofyour policy number, its expiry date, and theemergency medical assistance telephone number.Please fill in your details carefully using BLOCK CAPITALS.TitleFirst NameSurnameNationality Date of Passport IssueExpiry(as passport)(as passport)BirthNo.DateDateTour NameDeparture DateRoom Type requiredDouble Twin Single ShareCONTACTDETAILSIn order to reduce our impact on the environment we will send your information pack via email (postal packs are only available on request) Email:Telephone:Postal address:How did you hear about Naturetrek?A friend Advertisement (state publication) OtherCARBON EMISSIONSTo assist in off-setting carbon emissions from your flights Naturetrek will donate £15 (long-haul) or £5 (short-haul) per client to theWorld Land Trust ( Further, if you would like to match or better our donation to ensure your holiday is carbon neutral or negative, please state what amount we should add to your invoice. Please add to my invoice£On behalf of the person(s) included on this form I agree to accept the Booking Conditions as stated. Signature Date PAYMENT DETAILS (per person booked)A deposit which is made up of 20% of the tour cost (including any extensions you wish to book), plus full cost of room supplements for each person booked, is payable at the time of booking unless a booking is made within 70 days of departure when full payment is required.20% of tour cost / full amount£20% of extension cost (if required)£Room supplement £Total amount enclosed £Please make cheques payable to Naturetrek Ltd.PAYMENT BY CREDIT/DEBIT CARDI wish to pay by: VISA AMEX Delta Mastercard UK MaestroCard Number Expiry date Card Security Code (the last three digits on the reverse of your card) Debit cards only: Card Issue No: or valid from date£Deposit/Full amountPlease note:A 2% commission charge is made on any final balance paid by credit card, but not on deposits and roomsupplements, nor on payments made by debit card. Card holder's name: