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Tropical rainforests support thegreatest diversity of plant and animalspecies on earth, and nowhere is thisfragile habitat better exemplified than insouth-east Asia. The Federation ofMalaysia is one of the region's mostimportant and rapidly developing nations,with an increasingly significant role inglobal politics. However, despite thetremendous pace of industrial growth, thecountry has managed to preserve largetracts of forest which today are regardedas among the finest rainforest reserves inthe world. Paramount among these is themagnificent Taman Negara National Park,embracing over 4,140 square kilometres of lowland forest in the north of peninsularMalaysia; it is a verdant ocean of treeswhich conceals a myriad of exotic birds,mammals and insects. A 4-night stay in this remote and fascinating reserve will be one of the highlights of our visit to Malaysia but, with a tour itinerarywhich also includes visits to montaneforest, wetlands and coastal mangroves,each day of this holiday will be filled withmany rewarding birdwatching and wildlife encounters.On arrival in Malaysia, we head away fromthe urban sprawl of Kuala Lumpur to beginthe tour at Kuala Selangor Nature Park.Mangroves are much in evidence here, andas we familiarise ourselves with thecommon birds of the Malaysiancountryside, we will also be encounteringthe specialist inhabitants of these peculiarsaltwater trees, birds such as MangrovePitta, Flyeater and Mangrove Whistler.Thousands of Fiddler Crabs scuttle overthe glistening mud beneath the trees and,like the bizarre semi-terrestrial mudskipper fish, run the gauntlet of kingfishers, heronsand egrets wading through the shallows. Ifwe are lucky we may glimpse SmoothOtters, Plantain Squirrels and WaterMonitors in the reserve, in addition to twospecies of primate: the Silver-leafedMonkey and Long-tailed Macaque. Nearbymudflats will provide a variety of wadersand terns to swell our rapidly growing birdlist and further additions are likely amongthe paddy fields at Sekinchan where YellowBittern, Long-toed Stint and GreaterSpotted Eagle are among the possibilities.Leaving the humid coast behind, we drivenorth to the cooler environment of Fraser'sHill for a 3-night stay. Set amid forestedhills at an altitude of 1,400 metres, thispopular summer resort displays evidenceof its colonial past in the British-stylearchitecture and the carefully tended 9-hole golf course; the vegetation and birds,however, could hardly be less European!Forest residents include laughing-thrushes,woodpeckers, broadbills, flycatchers andsunbirds but we will also be looking forsome of the winter migrants from the north,such as the beautiful but shy SiberianThrush. Further contrast to the Britishappearance of the resort is provided by aprofusion of orchids growing on the foresttrees, pitcher-plants and colourful Asianbutterflies gliding through the canopy.We travel next to sample the wonders ofTaman Negara National Park. The village ofKuala Tembeling in Pahang state is theentry point to the reserve and from here wedrive to the park headquarters at KualaTahan, where we stay for four nights incomfortable tourist chalets. Water transportis necessary to penetrate the interior of thisvast expanse of forest but, once at itsheart, we will find plenty of birdlife alongthe network of walking trails around KualaTahan, where residents include CrestedFireback and Great Argus Pheasants, 10species of woodpecker and seven speciesof hornbill. This extraordinary reserve is a pristineexample of Asia's vanishing rainforests, aseemingly endless carpet of giant treesfestooned with epiphytes and supporting adazzling array of strange insects, plants,reptiles and birds. Concealed within theforest are many of the Malaysian mammalspecies including Asian Elephant, Tiger,Leopard and Malaysian Tapir, but seeingthese shy creatures is never easy andrealistically we are more likely to meetsome of the smaller monkeys, squirrelsand gibbons, the latter announcing eachdaybreak with their manic whooping cries.Wildlife encounters are alwaysunpredictable in forest habitats but ourdays at Taman Negara will never be dullwith so much to see and experience!The bustling city of Kuala Lumpur is acomplete contrast to Taman Negara butless than an hour from our hotel is thequiet green haven of the GentingHighlands and Ulu Gombak Valley, wherewe conclude our tour searching forflowerpeckers, spiderhunters, minivets andother forest birds. Two weeks in Malaysiawill have provided us with many images totake home: the lush green of the tropicalfoliage, the dramatic colours of the delicateorchids and, above all, the fantastic varietyof bird species inhabiting some of thefinest tracts of forest in Asia. Book direct on 01962 733051or see page 284 for Booking InformationSTRAIT OF MALACCATAMANNEGARAFRASER'SHILLKUALA LUMPURKUALA SELANGORPENINSULAR MALAYSIATHAILANDOutline itineraryDay 1Fly Kuala Lumpur.Day 2/3Kuala Selangor.Day 4/6Fraser's Hill.Day 7/10Taman Negara.Day 11Return Kuala Lumpur.Day 12Ulu Gombak andGenting Highlands.Day 13 Kuala Lumpur/flyLondon.Day 14Arrive London.AccommodationA mixture of comfortable touristhotels and chalets, all with privatefacilities.FoodAll included in the price, exceptlunch on Day 13. Allow £10.GradingDay walks only. Grade A/B.FocusBirds and general natural history.LeaderMano Tharmalingam.Single room supplement£475.Web quick search: MYS04247Peninsular MalaysiaA 14-day birdwatching and natural history tour visiting the highlands and forests of peninsular Malaysia, including a 4-night stay in Taman Negara National Park, one of the finest lowland forest reserves in Asia.Sunday 28th October - Saturday 10th November 2012 Cost: £2,995Saturday 26th January - Friday 8th February 2013 Cost: £3,395Sunday 27th October - Saturday 9th November 2013 Cost: £3,395Taman NegaraWreathed Hornbill

Our aim on this tour of Nepal is tointroduce you to three very differentHimalayan habitats and theirwonderfully varied wildlife, whilst allowingyou to enjoy the considerable comfortafforded by one of the country's besthotels, lodges and luxury tented camps.Above all, you will be guided, from start tofinish, by one of the country's leadingEnglish-speaking naturalists. It is a deluxeholiday, with no holds barred, and onewhich offers you the maximum of flexibilityboth in terms of departure dates and theopportunity to extend your tour with a visitto one or more of Nepal's other finewildlife reserves, or indeed to trek orextend your sightseeing opportunities inKathmandu.The holiday begins with a 2-night stay inone of Nepal's premier, and best-loved,hotels - the Yak and Yeti. Site of a formerpalace, the Yak and Yeti's pleasantgrounds quickly introduce you to some ofthe commoner birds of the KathmanduValley, amongst them Magpie Robins,Common Mynas, Red-vented Bulbuls andIndian House Crows. Your time in the capital allows ampleopportunity to unwind and enjoy a little sightseeing amongst the old pagoda-styletemples, palaces and Durbar squares ofKathmandu and its sister cities of Patanand Bhaktapur. The latter is a particularlyundeveloped cultural delight, offering thatmedieval flavour once experienced inKathmandu itself before the capital wasbestowed with the trappings of thedeveloping world. Alternatively, you mightprefer to head up into the hills that envelopthe valley, in search of the rich andcolourful bird and animal-life to be foundin the lush temperate forests of oak andrhododendron. It is from here that thesplendours of the snowbound GreatHimalaya begin to reveal themselves.Better views, however, and the truemagnificence of this mighty mountain rangereally become apparent on reaching yournext destination, Tiger Mountain PokharaLodge. This highly acclaimed lodge sitsatop a high ridge above the Pokhara Valley,enjoying spectacular panoramic views ofMachhapuchare (the Fish Tail Mountain)and no fewer than three of the world's8,000-metre peaks: Dhaulagiri, Annapurna Iand Manaslu! Each of the lodge's spaciousrooms has a private verandah and gardenfrom which to soak in these fine views, andnearby lie the hill forests and lakes whichyou will be able to explore on foot from thelodge, in search of a wealth of hill birds andsome mammals. Exquisite red and yellowminivets are bound to attract your attention,together with a wide selection of warblers,flycatchers, woodpeckers, laughing-thrushes, yuhinas, sunbirds, flowerpeckersand rosefinches.From Pokhara you will next descend intothe lowlands, to the Chitwan National Park.En route you will pass through the scenicterraced hills where the bulk of thecountry's population live in quaint hillsidevillages, and drive along the great Trisuliand Narayani Rivers. You may choose tostop to look for such riverside birds asPlumbeous and White-capped WaterRedstarts, Blue Whistling Thrush and Brown Dipper, or to enjoy some waysidephotography.The Chitwan National Park is a WorldHeritage Site and Nepal's best-knownwildlife reserve. Its finest accommodationis Tiger Tops, where you will be based forthree nights in a deluxe tented campsituated in the very best part of thenational park. From this magnificent junglebase you will be able to fully exploreChitwan's varied habitats. You may chooseto enjoy the grasslands on early morningor evening elephant rides, which give youperhaps your best chances of a Tigersighting. You may take guided forest walksin search of an abundant birdlife (over 480species having been recorded in the park)and such smaller mammals as Wild Boar,Sambar, Muntjac, Spotted and Hog Deer,and Rhesus and Common LangurMonkeys; and you may find a variedselection of wetland birds, and perhapseven the endangered Gharial Crocodile,on the Rapti River. Indeed there will beplenty of time to enjoy the 932 squarekilometres of dry deciduous forest, tropicalevergreen forest and riverine grasslands ofChitwan National Park. Amongst thewildlife highlights that you may expect willundoubtedly be encounters with the IndianRhinoceros, thriving now following nearextinction at the turn of the century, whilsta sighting of Leopard, Gaur (themagnificent Asian bison) or Sloth Bear isalways possible. A final night in Kathmandu's Yak and YetiHotel may come all too soon but theopportunity to extend your holiday shouldnot be missed if you are to delay yourinevitable return one day to this magicalmountain kingdom!Splendours of NepalA deluxe 10-day wildlife holiday to the mountains, jungles and Kathmandu Valley of Nepal, making the most of the luxury accommodation that now serves these magnificent but contrasting Himalayan habitats.Departs daily Cost (January to June): £3,095Departs daily Cost (9th - 31st December): £3,695Departs daily Cost (September to 8th December): £3,195Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve extension available on all tours Cost: £795Outline itineraryDay 1Depart London.Day 2/3Yak and Yeti Hotel,Kathmandu.Day 4/5Tiger Mountain PokharaLodge, Annapurnafoothills.Day 6/8Tiger Tops Tented Camp,Chitwan National Park.Day 9Yak and Yeti Hotel,Kathmandu.Day 10Fly London.Koshi extension Day 9/12Koshi Tappu WildlifeReserve. Day 13 Fly Kathmandu. Day 14Fly London. AccommodationNepal's finest lodges, hotels andluxury tented camps; all with privatefacilities.FoodIncluded in the price, except forlunches and dinners in Kathmandu.Allow £35.GradingA selection of wildlife walks, riverjourneys, and jeep and elephantrides of your choice. Grade A. FocusBirds, mammals, general naturalhistory and Nepalese culture, andscenery.LeaderTika Ram Giri, Shambhu Ghimire,Hem Sagar Baral, Suchit Basnet orHathan Choudhary, plus localguides.Single room supplement£615 (extension: £95).ExtensionsMany optional extensions areavailable, and we would particularlyrecommend extra days in KoshiTappu Wildlife Reserve. Please callfor our help and suggestions.Web quick search: NPL08248Call now or visit your free Trip ItineraryTIBETTIBETINDIAINDIAINDIA POKHARACHITWANNATIONAL PARKKATHMANDULANGTANGNATIONALPARKANNAPURNACONSERVATIONAREALUKLANEPALSAGARMATHA (EVEREST)NATIONAL PARKMt EVERESTLHOTSEMAKALUKANCHENJUNGAKOSHI CAMPBIRATNAGARPHULCHOWKIKOSHI TAPPUWILDLIFERESERVEDHAULAGIRIANNAPURNA IAnnapurna Himal from Tiger Mountain Pokhara LodgeBrown Fish OwlIndian One-horned Rhinoceros