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Book direct on 01962 733051or see page 284 for Booking Information239This is a tour with a difference - aluxury sightseeing tour by trainadding a largesse of comfort, style,culture and sightseeing opportunities to aNaturetrek wildlife tour to some of India'sbest Tiger Reserves. We begin in India'scapital, Delhi, from where we'll spend aday birdwatching in Sultanpur NationalPark, a seasonal wetland attracting awealth of waterbirds and passerines. Wewill then board the luxurious 'RoyalRajasthan' train for a 6-day railway journeythrough the splendid state of Rajasthan, amagnificent land of former princely states,majestic forts and palaces, diversecultures, varied arid landscapes andvibrant colours. The Royal Rajasthan takesus back to those pre-independence daysof regal splendour, when the rulers ofthese princely states travelled by train intheir own luxurious individual railwaycarriages - the first 'palaces on wheels',that introduced the concept of luxury traintravel to India. The Royal Rajasthan isexquisitely constructed, furnished andequipped, following in the footsteps of thefamous 'Palace on Wheels'. Gold-embossed carriages with ornate ceilings,liveried attendants, luxury private bedchambers and bathrooms with running hotand cold water, a library, restaurant carsserving sumptuous Indian and Continentalcuisine, and a well-stocked bar are notnormally available on train journeysthrough India! However, on this tour we willenjoy the best of facilities as we travel,largely during the hours of darkness,allowing us to stop and explore duringeach day.In Jodhpur we will visit the clifftopMehrangarh Fort, one of India's largest,and Jaswant Thada, a royal memorial builtin white marble. In Udaipur, the romantic'City of Lakes', we visit the 16th centuryCity Palace and stunning 'Garden ofMaidens' (Sahelion ki Bari). We will alsovisit the gigantic 7th century Rajput fort atChittorgarh, filled with beautiful templesand other fine monuments. Stopping atSawai Madhopur, we'll disembark to enjoya morning game drive in RanthamboreNational Park, hopeful of a Tiger sightingand other wildlife. Then we will exploreJaipur, 'the Pink City', and have a chanceto visit Hawa Mahal (the Palace of Winds),Amber Fort, the Observatory built by thefounder of Jaipur and the city palaceresidence of the Maharaja of Jaipur. Finally, we will visit the famous Hindutemples at Khajuraho. It was in 1839 that aBritish army engineer stumbled upon acomplex of the most remarkable Hindutemples, constructed between 950 and1050 AD by the later kings of the Chandeladynasty. Lost for centuries in remotejungle, these magnificent examples ofIndo-Aryan architecture had escaped thedestruction that Moghul rule inflicted onvirtually all other Hindu monuments innorthern India at the time. Today,Khajuraho's temples, boasting exquisite(and many erotic) carvings, are listed as aWorld Heritage Site. We will leave the Royal Rajasthan train inVaranasi, one of the oldest continuouslyinhabited cities in the world. Here we willenjoy some sightseeing before flying backto Khajuraho and travelling to nearbyPanna National Park. This park of 543square kilometres, consists largely of drydeciduous forest and boasts great scenicbeauty through its combination of rollinghills and plateaux, grassy meadows,gorges and waterfalls. Passing through thepark, the River Ken allows us to enjoywildlife-viewing, abundant waterbirds andmany large Marsh Mugger crocodiles byboat. Primarily though, we will explore thepark on jeep tours, and sometimes onelephant back, encountering abundantSpotted Deer, Sambar, Nilgai, Wild Boarand troupes of Common Langurs, the more elusive Chinkara and Chousinghaantelopes and, with luck, Dhole (Wild Dog)or even a Leopard! Panna also offers amost varied birdlife, with PaintedSandgrouse, and a wide variety of owlsand nightjars likely to be among thehighlights.We next take a long drive, through thefarmlands, villages and hills of MadhyaPradesh, to Bandhavgarh National Park,where we will spend three nights.Bandhavgarh, in the Vindhya Hills, is oneof the very best parks for consistent Tigersightings. It lies in a region steeped inhistory and, in the heart of the reserve,towering 800 metres above the forest,stands the ruin of the magnificent hilltopfort of ancient rulers. Today, thispicturesque park is a haven for Tigers, aswell as for other mammals such asSambar, Spotted Deer, Common Langur,Rhesus Macaque, Wild Boar, GoldenJackal, Jungle Cat and, with luck, perhapseven a Leopard, Dhole or Sloth Bear, notto mention a wealth of birdlife.It is likely that a Tiger sighting will beamong this holiday's highlights, but it isequally likely that the visit we make toAgra, to enjoy the fabulous Taj Mahal andsome of the city's other magnificentMoghul monuments, will rank alongside it!(For those wishing to extend this holiday,we offer a 4-day visit to Corbett NationalPark and Tiger Reserve.) India - Tigers, Taj & Luxury Train!A 15-day holiday including a 6-day sightseeing tour of Rajasthan by luxury train, plus visits to Ranthambore, Panna and Bandhavgarh National Parks as well as the magical Taj Mahal in Agra.Friday 9th November - Friday 23rd November 2012 Cost: £4,995 Friday 8th March - Friday 22nd March 2013 Cost: £4,995Friday 8th November - Friday 22nd November 2013 Cost: £4,995Corbett National Park extension available on all tours Cost: £850Outline itineraryDay 1Depart London.Day 2Sultanpur; overnightDelhi.Day 3/7Royal Rajasthan (luxurytrain).Day 8Varanasi.Day 9Panna National Park.Day 10/12Bandhavgarh NationalPark.Day 13Bandhavgarh; overnighttrain to Agra.Day 14Agra; train to Delhi.Day 15Fly London.Corbett extensionDay 14Uchagaon.Day 15/17Corbett National Park.Day 18Delhi.Day 19Fly London.Accommodation5-star hotel in Delhi; comfortablecabin aboard the Royal Rajasthanluxury train; and lodges elsewhere.All rooms have private facilities.FoodAll included in the price, except formain meals in Delhi.GradingA. This is a sightseeing and wildlifetour that includes no strenuouswalking.FocusIndia's culture, history andmonuments; luxury rail travel; birdsand mammals.Leader (From Khajuraho) Chandra Hada,Dilip Saini, Bunty Mandhayan orSaravana Kumar.Single room supplement£1,495 (extension: £315).Web quick search: IND42Taj MahalTigerSapphire Room, the Royal Rajasthan trainTIBET NEPAL NEWDELHIAGRAJODHPURUDAIPURJAIPURRANTHAMBORETIGER RESERVEKOLKATABAY OFBENGALINDIAKHAJURAHOVARANASIPANNATIGER RESERVEBANDHAVGARHTIGER RESERVE(EXTENSION)(EXTENSION)SULTANPURNATIONAL PARKCORBETTNATIONAL PARK

If you are seeking awildlife holiday which alsoleaves you feelinghealthier, happier and more relaxed, thisgroundbreaking Naturetrek wildlife andyoga combination could be the answer!Yoga, a system of exercises that emergedan astonishing 5,000 years ago to fosterboth physical and mental well-being, hasits origins in northern India. Theseexercises are documented in the Vedas,the oldest records of Indian culture, andyoga's founders were the great sages,famed for their remarkable powers ofphysical and mental concentration. Yogatoday combines stylised postures withexercises in deep breathing andmeditation, the word itself being derivedfrom a Sanskrit word meaning 'to jointogether' - the ultimate aim of yoga being to unite the human soul with theuniversal spirit. Our base for this holiday will be TarangiResort, or similar, situated in the bufferzone forest on the edge of CorbettNational Park. Whilst here, we will rise earlyand focus each morning on exploringCorbett in search of the park's Tigers andfabulous range of other mammals andbirds. Then, after lunch each day, and asuitable period at leisure, we'll offer a dailyyoga class each afternoon and evening,each lesson carefully tailored to the level ofexperience of the participants. In addition,informal talks on yoga lifestyle will also begiven. The flexibility offered by the yogainstructors here will provide for bothnewcomers to yoga as well as moreexperienced aficionados. All you will needare reasonably good health, a yoga matand a willingness to have fun and takehealthy exercise in inspiring naturalsurroundings. Indeed, the delightful situation of TarangiResort puts us in utter harmony withnature. Its 21 cottages are set in 13 lushacres of landscaped grounds beneath theHimalayan foothills and, nearby, on a fast-flowing river, White-capped River Chatsand Plumbeous Redstarts flit among theboulders whilst Brown Dippers plunge inand out of the torrent. Wallcreepers notinfrequently explore the rocky shorelinehere and the shaggy crested HimalayanPied Kingfisher is another regular visitor.The surrounding forests are also rich inbirdlife and, unlike the nearby nationalpark, it is possible to explore these on footwhich greatly increases the number ofbirds and smaller mammals we shouldsee. The lodge has been especiallydesigned with yoga in mind, andincorporates both a meditation and yogahall; it also offers Ayurvedic treatments andhas a large riverside swimming pool.Private vegetable and herb gardens supplythe restaurant inside, while the ruralsituation and the Himalaya to the northensure a rich supply of healthy fresh air.Indeed, it is our aim that when you leaveTarangi Resort, you will feel refreshed andrejuvenated, and possess a sense ofaccomplishment.Our holiday begins, however, in India'scapital, Delhi. From here we'll enjoy abirdwatching visit to Okhla Barrage, on theYamuna River, home to a wealth ofwaterbirds and passerines. We will thentake a train north-east into the scenic forested hills and wide river valleys ofCorbett National Park where we have achance of seeing Tiger and IndianElephant plus a fine supporting cast ofmammals and birds. We will be spendingsix days in Corbett, the famous nationalpark named in honour of Jim Corbett. He was born in nearby Nainital in 1875 and,for over 30 years during the first half of the20th century, he achieved 'god-like' statusin these hills as he rid them of 19 man-eating Tigers and Leopards that betweenthem claimed over 1,200 lives. His modestaccounts of these exploits became best-selling books, but by 1920 he was turningto photography, one of that early breed ofnaturalists to turn from hunter toconservationist, and was duly honouredwhen Corbett National Park was founded in1957. Here the wealth and diversity thatCorbett experienced throughout theKumaon hills remains protected todaywithin the jungles and forested hills ofCorbett National Park. As well as a mouth-watering selection of sub-Himalayan birds,the park also supports a wealth ofmammals, among them Indian Elephants,Wild Boar, and herds of deer which are theprey of a healthy population of Leopardsand Tigers, all of which we will search foron elephant back and jeep. We will alsolook for the rare fish-eating GharialCrocodiles along Corbett's fast-flowingrivers, where enigmatic Ibisbills andWallcreepers may also be found in winter.Our holiday concludes back in Delhi, butparticipants may choose to extend theirvisit in a variety of ways, whether with avisit to another of the well-known TigerReserves, such as Ranthambore orSuklaphanta, or by further pursuing theirinterest in yoga with a visit to an Indianashram.India - Wildlife & Yoga!A unique 9-day holiday combination offering you the chance to explore the jungles of Corbett National Park in search of wildlife as well as to enjoy yoga in the beautiful surroundings of the Himalayan foothills. Sunday 11th November - Monday 19th November 2012 Cost: £2,195Sunday 17th March - Monday 25th March 2013 Cost: £2,195Sunday 17th November - Monday 25th November 2013 Cost: £2,195Ranthambore extension available on all tours Cost: £795Outline itineraryDay 1Depart London.Day 2Sultanpur National Park;overnight Delhi.Day 3/7Corbett National Park.Day 8 Delhi.Day 9Fly London.Ranthambore extensionDay 9/11Ranthambore NationalPark.Day 12Delhi.Day 13 Fly London.Accommodation5-star hotel in Delhi andcomfortable yoga resort on thebanks of the beautiful Kosi River inCorbett. All rooms have privatefacilities.FoodAll included in the price, except formain meals in Delhi. Allow £30.GradingA. This is a wildlife and yogaholiday that includes no strenuouswalking.FocusYoga, mammals and birds.LeaderHarish Sharma, Karan Modi, BuntyMandhayan or Nick Acheson, pluslocal guides.Single room supplement£450 (extension: £195).Web quick search: IND44240Call now or visit your free Trip ItineraryTIBETNEPALPAKISTANNEW DELHINAINITALAGRABHARATPURRANTHAMBORETIGER RESERVE(EXTENSION)CORBETT NATIONAL PARK KOLKATABAY OFBENGALINDIARAJASTHANTHE HIMALAYA YAMUNA RIVERRIVER GANGES Tiger