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22Long-tailed BroadbillDiademed Sandpiper-ploverIbisbillEthiopiaA 10-day birding tour to Ethiopia visiting Gafersa, AwashNational Park, Wondo Guenet and the Rift Valley Lakes.Fri 2nd November - Sun 11th November '12Fri 21st December - Sun 30th December '12Fri 1st February - Sun 10th FebruaryFri 15th March - Sun 24th MarchFri 1st November - Sun 10th NovemberFri 20th December - Sun 29th December ETH01Cost: from £1,795Ethiopian EndemicsA 10-day tour in search of highland Ethiopia's endemic birds,visiting Debre Libanos Gorge, the Solulta Plains, the Rift ValleyLakes, Wondo Guenet and the Bale Mountains.Fri 8th February - Sun 17th February Fri 22nd March - Sun 31 MarchFri 8th November - Sun 17th NovemberETH03Cost: £1,995FloridaEscape the British winter with some Florida sunshine andexperience the wide variety of birdlife that inhabits itswoodlands, wetlands and sawgrass prairies. Mon 11th February - Tue 19th February USA02 Cost: £1,995GambiaA 12-day birdwatching holiday visiting a variety of localitiesalong the Gambia River. The long bird list for this holiday offersa staggering variety of African species including EgyptianPlover and many Palearctic migrants in their winter quarters.Fri 1st November - Tue 12th November GMB01Cost: £1,895Ghana - PicathartesA 9-day birding tour to the Upper Guinea rainforests of Ghanain search of the rare Yellow-headed Picathartes and a wealth ofother exciting West African birds.Sat 20th October - Sun 28th October '12Sat 9th February - Sun 17th FebruarySat 11th May - Sun 19th MaySat 19th October - Sun 27th October GHA01Cost: £2,095India - Ranthambore, Bharatpur &ChambalA 9-day wildlife holiday enjoying three full days in the beautifulRanthambore National Park and three at Chambal Sanctuary.The tour also visits the famous Taj Mahal at Agra.Wed 26th December '12 - Thu 3rd JanuarySun 17th February - Mon 25th FebruarySun 20th October - Mon 28th OctoberThu 26th December - Fri 3rd January '14IND07Cost: from £1,995India - Birds & MammalsA 9-day wildlife holiday in search of birds and mammals inBharatpur Bird Sanctuary and Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, withan optional extension to Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary and Agra.Sun 11th November - Mon 19th November '12Sun 10th February - Mon 18th February Sun 10th November - Mon 18th November IND08Cost: £1,995India - Corbett CountryA classic 9-day wildlife holiday focusing exclusively on thewealth of birds and mammals to be found in Corbett NationalPark, situated in the Himalayan foothills of northern India.Sun 18th November - Mon 26th November '12Sun 6th January - Mon 14th JanuarySun 17th November - Mon 25th NovemberIND09Cost: £1,895India - GoaA 9-day birdwatching tour visiting the coastal regions and hillsof Goa. This holiday offers a perfect introduction to Indianbirds, including local Western Ghats specialities.Fri 9th November - Sat 17th November '12Fri 8th November - Sat 16th NovemberIND15Cost: £1,695India - Kerala's National Parks & BackwatersA 9-day wildlife tour to Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, PeriyarTiger Reserve and beautiful Eravikulam National Park inMunnar, including an overnight houseboat cruise along thebackwaters of Kerala. Sun 11th November - Mon 19th November '12Sun 24th February - Mon 4th MarchSun 10th November - Mon 18th November IND17Cost: £1,895Southern India's EndemicsA 12-day birdwatching tour visiting a range of habitats in theWestern Ghats and Nilgiri Hills, in search of the endemic birdsof southern India.Sun 11th November - Thu 22nd November '12Sun 17th February - Thu 28th FebruarySun 10th November - Thu 21st NovemberIND18Cost: £2,195 KazakhstanAn action-packed 9-day birdwatching tour of the deserts,steppes, lakes and Tien Shan mountains of Kazakhstan.Thu 2nd May - Fri 10th MayFri 10th May - Sat 18th MayKAZ02Cost: £2,095Kenya's Masai MaraA 10-day birdwatching holiday, staying in a luxury camp in theMasai Mara and at Lake Naivasha.Fri 2nd November - Sun 11th November '12Fri 1st November - Sun 10th NovemberKEN01Cost: £1,995*Morocco (see page 157)A 10-day birdwatching tour to the deserts, oases andmountains of southern Morocco's kasbah country.Thu 21st February - Sat 2nd March Thu 7th March - Sat 16th March Thu 21st March - Sat 30th MarchThu 4th April - Sat 13th AprilMAR01Cost: from £1,495Nepal (see page 249)An 11-day birdwatching tour to Chitwan National Park, KoshiTappu Wildlife Reserve and the forested hills of the KathmanduValley - Nepal's top three sites!Sun 16th December - Wed 26th December '12Sun 13th January - Wed 23rd JanuarySun 10th February - Wed 20th FebruarySun 10th March - Wed 20th MarchSun 31st March - Wed 10th AprilSun 10th November - Wed 20th November Sun 15th December - Wed 25th December NPL04Cost: from £2,095*Nepal - A Very Special Offer!A 9-day birding tour of the hills of the Kathmandu Valley andthe remote Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, one of Asia's finestwetlands. We also offer an optional extension to SuklaphantaWildlife Reserve.Sun 11th November - Mon 19th November '12Sun 13th January - Mon 21st January Sun 21st April - Mon 29th AprilSun 10th November - Mon 18th November NPL05Cost: £1,795*Nepal - Ibisbill TrekA 10-day holiday in search of Nepal's montane birds, including a 6-night trek along the Langtang Valley.Sat 4th May - Mon 13th May NPL07Cost: £2,095*Nepal's Grassland Birds &Mammals (see page 250)A 12-day birdwatching tour to Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve infar western Nepal, home to an unrivalled selection of raregrassland birds, Tigers, Leopards and many other mammals.Thu 15th November - Mon 26th November '12Thu 17th January - Mon 28th January Thu 14th February - Mon 25th FebruaryThu 2nd May - Mon 13th MayThu 14th November - Mon 25th November NPL10Cost: £2,095*

Nepal - Chitwan National ParkThis holiday offers a unique opportunity to join one ofour most popular tour leaders, Tika Ram Giri, on aspecial 10-day tour focusing exclusively on anexploration of his home patch, Chitwan National Park.We also offer an extension to Koshi Tappu WildlifeReserve.Wed 26th December '12 - Fri 4th January Sun 20th January - Tue 29th January Sun 3rd March - Tue 12th March Thu 26th December - Sat 4th January '14NPL11Cost: from £1,895*Panama - Canopy TowerA 9-day birdwatching tour to the rainforests ofSoberanía National Park, based at the famous CanopyTower which offers the additional attraction ofoutstanding canopy birdwatching. We also offer a 5-night extension at El Valle.Fri 2nd November - Sat 10th November '12Wed 1st May - Thu 9th MayTue 22nd October - Wed 30th OctoberPAN01Cost: from £2,095Central Peru - HumboldtSeabirds & Andean EndemicsA 9-day birding holiday in search of the spectacularendemic and range-restricted species of the region;includes an exciting pelagic extension.Sat 10th November - Sun 18th November '12Sat 9th November - Sun 17th November PER05Cost (land-only): from £1,295 South Africa - KrugerA 10-day tour in search of the birds (and mammals) ofKruger National Park and the upland grasslands ofDullstroom and the Blyde River Canyon.Mon 11th February - Wed 20th FebruaryMon 11th March - Wed 20th MarchTue 17th September - Thu 26th September*(*This tour can be combined with our 'South Africa- Best of the Cape' tour outlined on Page 173) ZAF03Cost: £2,295Sri LankaA 10-day tour in search of endemic birds, visitingSinharaja Forest and the Hill Country, with an optionalextension in search of Blue Whales.Sat 3rd November - Mon 12th November '12Sat 26th January - Mon 4th FebruarySat 16th February - Mon 25th FebruarySat 17th August - Mon 26th AugustSat 2nd November - Mon 11th November LKA03Cost: £1,895ThailandA 10-day birdwatching tour enjoying one of Thailand'sbest-known national parks, the montane forestssurrounding Chiang Mai and a day spent looking forSpoon-billed Sandpipers in Samut Sakhon.Fri 8th February - Sun 17th FebruaryTHA01Cost: £2,295 Uganda - Shoebills to GorillasA 9-day birdwatching tour visiting Lake Mburo, Queen Elizabeth and Kibale National Parks, as well as Mabamba Swamp in search of Shoebill, with an optional extension to Budongo Forest Reserve orBwindi National Park.Wed 7th November - Thu 15th November '12Wed 27th February - Thu 7th MarchWed 6th November - Thu 14th November UGA01Cost: £2,295Venezuela - Andean EndemicsA 9-day exploration of the Sierra Nevada, Mérida, thePico Humboldt Trail, and the famous tunnel at SanIsidro in search of the endemic species of the region.Wed 30th October - Thu 7th November VEN01Cost: £1,995Venezuela - LlanosA 9-day birding holiday to the Henri Pittier NationalPark, home to nearly half the bird species recorded inVenezuela, and the northern Llanos, one of the mostextensive wetlands in the world.Wed 30th January - Thu 7th February Wed 6th November - Thu 14th November VEN02Cost: £1,995Venezuela - Off the Beaten TrackA 9-day birdwatching tour to the outstanding wetland ofMorrocoy National Park and the cloudforest atYacambú, site of the recent discovery of Great Antpitta.Wed 23rd January - Thu 31st January Wed 13th November - Thu 21st November VEN03Cost: £1,895Zambia's South LuangwaNational ParkA 9-day birding holiday based at a luxury lodge on theedge of the wonderful South Luangwa National Park,one of the most famous and best national parks inAfrica.Sun 4th November - Mon 12th November '12Sun 23rd December - Mon 31st December '12(special Christmas birds and mammals departure)Sun 10th February - Mon 18th February Sun 17th November - Mon 25th NovemberSun 22nd December - Mon 30th December(special Christmas birds and mammals departure)ZMB01Cost: from £2,195* Andean Cock-of-the-rockPlease note that we do not generally supply post-tripreports on Bargain Selection holidays.*Cost does not include entrance fees to national complete 2012/13 programme of= Tour Codes for web quick searchBargain Birdwatching Tours can be foundon our website. Simply type the tour codefor the holiday you are interested in intothe web quick searchon the website:Yellow-eared ToucanetBee Hummingbird23