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The mighty Bengal Tiger is withoutdoubt one of the most stunninglyhandsome and awe-inspiringcreatures on Earth. Whether achieved froma vehicle, or elephant-back, a glimpse ofthis most powerful of all the great cats isan unforgettable highlight of any naturalhistory visit to India. Just to set off insearch of a Tiger is guaranteed to sendadrenalin coursing through the veins;whilst every movement in the undergrowthraises the expectation of a suddenappearance by that so-familiar stripedbody, footprints in the dust or the warningcries of deer serving only to heighten thealmost unbearable sense of excitement.Over the past 20 years Naturetrek hasenabled many hundreds of our clients toachieve their dream of seeing a Tiger andthis outstanding new tour is perhaps ourmost comprehensive Tiger-watchingholiday so far, embracing the four IndianTiger Reserves that currently provide themost consistent record of Tiger sightingsin the subcontinent. The holiday isdesigned to maximise the chances ofTiger observation by spending ample timein each of these reserves where, even ifthe Tigers prove elusive, you can beassured of a host of other mammalsincluding Grey Langur, Sambar and bothSpotted and Swamp Deer. We should alsosee Gaur (the huge Asiatic bison), WildBoar, Asiatic Jackal and, with luck,Leopard or Dhole (the Indian Wild Dog).Although the focus will be very much onthe mammals, the birdlife is prolific andeven non-birdwatchers cannot fail to beimpressed by the variety of form andcolour displayed by the avifauna.We begin our tour with an afternoon arrivalinto Nagpur airport after a comfortableflight via Mumbai on one of the world'sbest international airlines. From here wedrive straight to Pench National Park, ajourney of less than two hours. Thispreviously little-known reserve was thesetting for the popular BBC TV series'Tiger - Spy in the Jungle' whichportrayed the life of a resident family ofTigers and, almost overnight, transformedthe profile of Pench. Designated as Project Tiger's 19th Tiger Reserve in 1992, Pench today protects 758 squarekilometres of prime Tiger habitat in thesouthern reaches of the Satpura Hills,which lie in the region which inspiredRudyard Kipling's 'Jungle Book'. Wespend two nights here and can savour the reality of the television images!Next we will take a scenic drive into theheart of rural Madhya Pradesh and spendthree nights in Kanha National Park. Kanhaencompasses 1,945 square kilometresand is one of the largest reserves in India.It occupies a beautiful location on aplateau in the Maikal range of hills, andcomprises a crescent of forested hillssurrounding broad undulating grasslandsdotted with clumps of bamboo and Salforest. Small pools and a perennial lakeprovide essential drinking holes for theanimals. Here, as elsewhere, we willundertake morning and afternoon gamedrives in search of Tigers and otherwildlife.Another long drive, through farmland and the Vindhyan Hills, brings us toBandhavgarh National Park. This park, likeKanha, has acquired a reputation as oneof the very best for consistent Tigersightings. It lies in a region steeped inhistory and, in the heart of the reserve,atop an 800-metre plateau, stands the ruin of the magnificent hilltop fort whichbears testament to the succession ofdynasties which once ruled this area.Regular game drives in the park should bring us yet more encounters with the main objective of our tour.Finally we drive to Panna National Park, astunning reserve that protects over 543square kilometres of rolling hills andplateaux, grassy meadows, gorges andwaterfalls. The broad waters of the RiverKen pass through the park and a boat triphere provides superb wildlife-viewing withabundant waterbirds and many largeMarsh Mugger Crocodiles. Tigers havesuffered badly from poaching here, but wehave a slim chance of an encounter in thisbeautiful park.We will fly back to Delhi from the famouscity of Khajuraho, and thence to London.However, for the aficionado, we offer anopportunity to extend your holiday with a visit to Ranthambore, one of India's most spectacular and best-known Tiger Reserves.India - Tiger MarathonAn exciting tour taking you straight into the heart of Tiger country on a 13-day safari that combinesPench, Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Panna National Parks, four of India's finest Tiger Reserves, plus an optional extension to Ranthambore National Park.Thursday 1st November - Tuesday 13th November 2012 Cost: £2,895Thursday 24th January - Tuesday 5th February 2013 Cost: £2,895Thursday 28th March - Tuesday 9th April 2013 Cost: £2,895Thursday 31st October - Tuesday 12th November 2013 Cost: £2,895Ranthambore extension available on all tours Cost: £750Book direct on 01962 733051or see page 284 for Booking InformationTIBET NEPAL PAKISTAN NEW DELHIKHAJURAHOPANNA TIGER RESERVE AGRAKOLKATABAY OF BENGAL INDIAKANHA TIGER RESERVE NAGPURMUMBAIPENCHTIGER RESERVERANTHAMBORE TIGER RESERVE (EXTENSION) BANDHAVGARHTIGER RESERVE Outline itineraryDay 1Depart London.Day 2Arrive Nagpur; transferPench National Park.Day 3Pench National Park.Day 4/6Kanha National Park.Day 7/9Bandhavgarh NationalPark.Day 10/11Panna National Park.Day 12Transfer Khajuraho; flyDelhi.Day 13Fly London.Ranthambore extensionDay 13Train to Ranthambore.Day 14/15Ranthambore TigerReserve.Day 16Train to Delhi.Day 17Fly London.AccommodationComfortable tourist hotel in Delhi;comfortable forest lodgeselsewhere. All rooms have privatefacilities.FoodAll included in the price.Grading A. This is a wildlife safari, with littlewalking.Focus Tigers, other mammals and birds.LeaderHimanshu Rathore, Harish Sharma,Bunty Mandhayan or Indrajit Latey,plus local guides.Single room supplement£395 (extension: £195).Web quick search: IND21227Bandhavgarh National ParkTiger

This deluxe tour, through the heartlandof wild India, combines theopportunity to enjoy wildlife-viewingin two of India's finest Tiger Reserves with visits also to some of the greatmonuments of Moghul India, including theTaj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri.Above all, this tour offers you theopportunity to enjoy it all from the comfortof some of India's very best hotels andluxury tented camps, and we spare noexpense in ensuring the utmost quality ofall aspects of this holiday whilstmaintaining a competitive price.We begin in the capital, where we stay inthe tranquil 5-star Trident Gurgaon Hotel.This splendid deluxe hotel is located nearthe airport and boasts a large swimmingpool and a tranquil garden filled withparakeets, mynas and Five-striped PalmSquirrels. Whilst here, we offer keenbirdwatchers a visit to Sultanpur NationalPark and the more culturally minded anoptional tour of some of the monuments ofOld Delhi.Next we travel to Kanha, taking acomfortable flight to Jabalpur or Raipurfollowed by a scenic drive into the heart ofrural Madhya Pradesh where KanhaNational Park is situated. Our delightfulbase for a 3-night stay here is SinginawaJungle Lodge, a world class lodge in theTiger heartland, or Tiger Corridors, a luxurytented camp hosting a maximum of just 16guests in eight air-conditioned tents, eachwith its own bathroom and verandah andeach occupying a private setting withinwooded grounds which also hold a lovelyswimming pool. Tiger Corridors is locatednear the Kisli entrance to the park, givingus access to the best area in Kanha forsightings of Tigers, the park's wealth ofother large mammals, and abundantbirdlife.It will take us all day to drive, on roughroads, through the Vindhyan Hills and thefarmlands and villages of Madhya Pradesh,to Bandhavgarh National Park and TigerReserve. Once there we will settle in for a3-night stay at Kings Lodge, a group ofluxury chalets with their own privateswimming pool set in 12 acres of forest.Each spacious chalet has a luxuriousattached bathroom whilst, in the diningroom and lounge area, delicious Indiancuisine and a good library may be enjoyed. During our time at Kanha andBandhavgarh we will strike out twice dailyon morning and evening game drives intothe parks, rising at dawn and returning atdusk, though enjoying a lengthy middaysiesta. Whilst Tigers can never beguaranteed, the combination of these two top Tiger Reserves within a week gives you the best chance you could havein that period. Tigers may sometimes beencountered from the jeep but, should thegovernment elephants and their mahouts,who usually track the Tigers on a dailybasis, locate an animal in the forest orgrasslands away from the jeep tracks, you may also be lucky enough to take anelephant ride to view a resting animal. Our aim, though, is to observe, enjoy and photograph all the many species of mammals - amongst them Sambar,Spotted and Swamp Deer, CommonLangur and Rhesus Monkeys, Gaur (thehuge Asiatic Bison), Wild Boar, AsiaticJackal, Jungle Cat and, with luck, perhapseven a Leopard, Wolf, Dhole (the IndianWild Dog) or Sloth Bear - as well as awealth of birdlife. Journeying onwards, the overnight sleepertrain from Umaria to Agra may not quiteoffer the high standard of accommodationto which we have become accustomed,but it is, nonetheless, an experience, andone that is rewarded with a day to relax,and a night in one of the world's finesthotels, the Amarvilas. Overlooking India'smost beautiful monument - the Taj Mahal- there is no better base from which toenjoy the Moghul splendour of the Tajitself, nearby Agra Fort and the desertedcity of Fatehpur Sikri . and no better wayto complete our holiday (unless, of course,you choose to extend it with a visit toRanthambore, in Rajasthan, one of themost picturesque of the Tiger Reserves).Wild India . In Style!A deluxe 12-day appreciation of the mammals and birds of Kanha and Bandhavgarh, India's mostrewarding Tiger Reserves, with an optional extension to Ranthambore Tiger Reserve.Friday 2nd November - Tuesday 13th November 2012 Cost: £3,395Friday 1st February - Tuesday 12th February 2013 Cost: £3,395Friday 1st November - Tuesday 12th November 2013 Cost: £3,395Ranthambore extension available on all tours Cost: £1,995Outline itinerary Day 1Depart London. Day 2Delhi.Day 3/5Kanha National Park.Day 6/8Bandhavgarh NationalPark.Day 9Final day inBandhavgarh; overnighttrain to Agra.Day 10Agra.Day 11Full day's sightseeing inAgra; evening train toDelhi.Day 12Fly London.Ranthambore extensionDay 11Evening transfer fromAgra to Bharatpur.Day 12Morning at BharatpurBird Sanctuary; train toRanthambore.Day 13/14Ranthambore TigerReserve.Day 15Final morning atRanthambore; afternoontrain to Delhi.Day 16Fly London.AccommodationA range of India's finest deluxehotels and luxury tented camps, allwith private facilities.FoodAll included in the price, except forany meals taken in Delhi and Agra.Allow £40.GradingThis is a luxury wildlife tour/safari,with no great level of fitnessrequired. Grade A.FocusWildlife and culture of north India.LeaderSaravana Kumar, HarshaJayaramiah, Bunty Mandhayan,Chandra Hada, Himanshu Rathoreor Indrajit Latey, plus local guides.Business classsupplementFrom £1,950.Single room supplement£950 (extension: £1,095).Web quick search: IND36228Call now or visit your free Trip ItineraryTIBETNEPALPAKISTANNEW DELHIAGRABHARATPUR BIRDSANCTUARY(EXTENSION)CALCUTTABAY OFBENGALINDIAKANHA TIGER RESERVEUMARIANAGPURRANTHAMBORETIGER RESERVE(EXTENSION)BANDHAVGARHTIGER RESERVETaj MahalThe Oberoi Amarvilas Hotel, AgraTiger