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For 2013 we are launching a brand newNaturetrek programme of birdwatchingholidays especially for beginners, onwhich we will provide a high level ofinstruction from our top leaders.The Somerset Levelswith Ed DrewittVast flocks of wintering ducks, a variety of birdsof prey, millions of roosting Starlings, and theelusive Bittern will be amongst the highlights ofthis 3-day/2-night break, based in a charminghotel at the heart of the exquisite little 'cathedralcity' of Wells. This is a great birding break onwhich to learn about our 'winter visitors'.Date:Wed 16th - Fri 18th Jan Cost:£295Nepal - Birds of Mountains &Marshlandswith Suchit BasnetA 9-day birdwatching holiday to the Himalayanfoothills of the Kathmandu Valley and the bird-rich lowland wetlands, forests and grasslands ofKoshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve (plus optionalChitwan National Park extension).Date:Sun 20th - Mon 28th Jan Cost:£1,795Chitwan extension to Fri 1st Feb Cost:£795South Devon in Winterwith Dave SmallshireA weekend wildlife break (including an 'AvocetCruise') in search of wintering waders, geese,ducks, gulls and birds of prey on the beautifulExe Estuary, plus the birds of the nearby heathsand moors.Date: Fri 8th - Sun 10th Feb Cost:£295Morocco - Desert Birds &Winter Sunwith Richard Bashford or Peter DunnA 10-day escape from the cold British winter toa sunny Moroccan spring in search of Europeanmigrants and north African desert speciesamongst the marshes, High Atlas Mountains,kasbahs and deserts of 'the Magreb'.Date: Thu 14th - Sat 23rd Mar Cost:£1,595Spain - The Best of the CotoDoñanawith Byron PalaciosA 5-day birdwatching break to the wetlands andwoodlands of the famous Coto Doñana NationalPark, one of the best birdwatching sites in Europeand home to many southern Spanish specialitiesincluding Spanish Imperial Eagle, PurpleGallinule, Marbled Teal, Azure-winged Magpieand Iberian Lynx, the rarest cat in the world!Date: Wed 17th - Sun 21st Apr Cost:£995Mallorcawith Dave SmithThis scenic Mediterranean island's wealth ofhabitats, from its spectacular Tramuntanamountains and Formentor Peninsula to itsmarshlands and maquis, have made Mallorca apopular venue for birds and birdwatchers alike- the perfect place in which to enjoy a widerange of southern European specialities.Date: Sat 27th Apr - Sat 4th May Cost:£1,295Lesbos in Springwith Mike Hodgson During a week of spring sunshine (hopefully)we'll focus on the spring migrants and summervisitors of the eastern Mediterranean on anisland famous for its wealth of sought-after birdspecies.Date: Sat 4th - Sat 11th May Cost:£1,395The Carmargue in Springwith Ian Nicholson or Dave SmithTraditionally these Provençal wetlands andsurrounding habitats offer the British birdwatcherthe best - and closest - introduction to theexotic breeding birds of the Mediterranean.Greater Flamingoes, Bee-eaters, Rollers,Hoopoes, Eagle Owls, and a wealth of warblersand birds of prey will be amongst the highlights.Date: Sun 12th - Thu 16th May Cost:£895Panama - An Introduction tothe Birds of Central Americawith expert local naturalist guidesThe sheer diversity of bird species in theNeotropics can be daunting, but the CanopyTower in Panama is a fantastic place to start.During seven nights at the Tower you canexpect a gentle and rewarding introduction toNew World warblers, flycatchers, tanagers,hummingbirds and more under the tutelage ofthe Tower's friendly resident guides.Date:Wed 15th -Thu 23rd May Cost:£2,095Northumberland & the FarneIslandswith Mike HodgsonA 6-day study of the varied birdlife ofNorthumberland's spectacular coast, offshoreislands (including the Farnes and CoquetIsland) and Cheviot Hills. A chance to enjoy oneof the greatest seabird spectacles in Britain,including thousands of Puffins, and many of ourupland breeding birds.Date: Thu 30th May - Tue 4th Jun Cost:£795Islay's Winter WildfowlSpectaclewith Pete ClementA week amongst the 40,000 Barnacle Geese,10,000 Greenland White-fronted Geese,Whooper Swans, and wealth of other winterwildfowl that descends on the fabulous 'birdisland' of Islay each October. Chough, GoldenEagle, Hen Harrier and other birds of prey arealso likely to be amongst the highlights. Withoutdoubt this is one of Britain's greatest avianspectacles!Date: Fri 8th - Thu 14th Nov Cost:£995For further details pleasecontact Sue on 01962 733051 or email forBeginnersEuropean Bee-eater15

British & IrishBreaksJoin us on a short birding or botanising break to meetsome of our tour leaders, learn about our tours,philosophy and modus operandi, and above all, enjoy agreat few days of good food and good fun in one ofBritain's top wildlife habitats. The Somerset Levelswith Charles MartinA weekend birdwatching break exploring these ancientmoors and wetlands. Our visits are timed to coincide with the massive flocks of wildfowl that gather on the Somerset Levels during the winter,when internationally important numbers of Wigeon, Gadwall, Teal, Pintail and Shoveler are present. Another species found here in vast flocks is the Starling, and a dusk outing to watchhundreds of thousands of birds swirling over their winter roostmakes for breathtaking viewing. Other species we'll search forinclude Bittern, and such wintering raptors as Marsh Harrier and Hen Harrier.Thu 24th - Sat 26th Jan, Fri 1st - Sun 3rd Feb,Thu 14th - Sat 16th Feb & Sat 23rd - Mon 25th FebGBR11Cost: £295South Devon in Winterwith Dave SmallshireA weekend wildlife break in search of the wealth ofwinter wildfowl and waders on the Exe Estuary, includingan 'Avocet cruise' and a visit to the Devon heaths. During midwinter, the food-rich mudflats of the Exe Estuary hostmany thousands of birds, including large flocks of Brent Geese,Wigeon, Little Egrets, Red-breasted Mergansers and gracefulAvocets. Sharing the bounty are Curlew, Oystercatchers, bothBlack-tailed and Bar-tailed Godwits and many other shorebirds,and on this short break we'll visit renowned birdwatching siteshoping to find these as well as Slavonian Grebes, Red-throatedDivers and perhaps marine ducks such as Common and VelvetScoter. We'll also take a 3-hour boat cruise along the river toobserve Avocets. Inland, Hen Harrier, Peregrine and Merlin areamong the raptors we'll look out for, whilst the nearby Devonheaths are home to Dartford Warbler and the occasional winteringGreat Grey Shrike.Fri 22nd - Sun 24th Feb GBR19Cost: £295Winter in the New Forestwith Jon Stokes A weekend to enjoy winter birdlife in the New Forest, aswell as nearby Keyhaven and Pennington Marshes. In the winter, free from tourists, the New Forest reclaims its wildand ancient charm. Resident Dartford Warblers are joined on theheaths by Hen Harriers and the occasional Great Grey Shrike.Hawfinches and Bramblings are among the species we'll belooking for on this short break, as well as Goshawks which begin to display in late February; Merlin, Crossbill, and LesserSpotted Woodpecker are also possible. As well as exploringinland, we'll spend time birdwatching around the marshes and lagoons along the Solent in search of wintering Brent Geese, Little Egrets, Peregrine, grebes, divers, ducks and a variety of waders. Fri 1st - Sun 3rd MarGBR15Cost: £295Suffolk in Early Springwith Cliff WallerA weekend to enjoy the late winter and early springbirds of Walberswick marshes, Minsmere and Benacre. On this weekend break we'll explore Walberswick, Minsmere andperhaps Benacre, looking for such resident coastal species asBittern, Marsh Harrier, Avocet and Bearded Tit, while nearby wehave a chance of seeing such rare and elusive breeding speciesas Woodlark, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Hawfinch and Crossbill.In March the mixture of wintering birds, breeding coastal residents,and rarer heath and woodland species makes a particularlyappealing combination. We even have a chance of a surprise ortwo: perhaps a Great Grey Shrike if the winter weather is hangingon, or an early spring migrant such as Purple Heron, Stone Curlewor Hoopoe if the spring is under way! Fri 8th - Sun 10th Mar GBR14Cost: £295The Wild Flowers & Gardens ofthe Isles of Scilly with Dawn NelsonAn 8-day tour to discover the wild flowers and gardensof the Isles of Scilly. Lying just 28 miles off the Cornish coast are the Isles of Scilly, which,due to their mild climate, are home to many rare and scarce nativeplants, as well as a large number of naturalised exotic species.During our 7-night stay we will visit the botanical 'hotspots' on five ofthe islands, travelling by boat and on foot from our base on theIsland of St. Mary's. On the subtropical island of Tresco, we willspend a full day at the Abbey Gardens enjoying a wide variety ofspecies including Chilean Myrtle, Honey Spurge, Madeira Stork's-bill, Shrub Germander and several of the New Zealand daisy-bushes. We'll also spend time on St. Agnes, St. Mary's, Bryher andSt. Martin's, as well as return to Tresco to seek out some of thespecial native plants, such as the various adder's-tongue ferns,Dwarf Pansy, the Orange Bird's-foot, Western Ramping Fumitory, St.Martin's Buttercup and a good number of clovers. Fri 3rd - Fri 10th May GBR23Cost: £1,150The Great Gardens of Cornwallwith Ted Griffiths A 5-day tour to appreciate the wonderful variety of flora in some of the great gardens of Cornwall.During this holiday, which starts and finishes in Truro, we celebratethe colour and spectacle of Cornwall's ornamental gardens, whichrank among the finest in the British Isles. Many fragile and exoticplants flourish in the benign Cornish climate, including someunique collections of plants which owe their origins to theadventurous travelling plant-hunters of the 19th century. Thu 9th - Mon 13th MayGBR06Cost: £595Norfolk in Springwith Tom McJannet A weekend birdwatching break in East Anglia, one of themost exciting spring birding destinations.We will explore Norfolk's premier reserves, such as Titchwell and Cley, looking for as many of the region's specialities aspossible. We'll search wetland areas for breeding Marsh andMontagu's Harriers, Bitterns and Avocets, as well as migrantwaders such as Spotted Redshank and Little Stint; whilst, in theBrecks, Woodlarks and Nightingales are among the woodlandspecies we'll hope to find. Fri 10th - Sun 12th May GBR03Cost: £295Isles of Scillywith Paul Dukes An 8-day birdwatching holiday to the relaxing andbeautiful Isles of Scilly.The Isles of Scilly contain some of the most dramatic coastal sceneryin Europe and this holiday includes visits to the 'off-islands' of Tresco,St. Agnes and St. Martin's in addition to a thorough exploration of thelargest island, St. Mary's. In spring and summer there are colonies ofseabirds, Grey Seals and a unique flora to satisfy naturalists, whileduring spring and autumn migration the islands are renowned for thediversity and numbers of migrant birds which occur, includingvagrants from Europe, Asia and North America.Sat 11th - Sat 18th May & Sat 21st - Sat 28th Sep GBR02Cost: £1,09516Red SquirrelTiroran House Hotel, Isle of Mull