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Fugro Symphony - a new generation of offshore construction vessel 10 AQUASPHEREFugro Symphony 150T AHC, 3,000m rated main craneOn the 3rd of May 2011, Fugro Subsea Services took delivery of their latest purpose built ROV construction support vessel; the Fugro Symphony. The Fugro Symphony is specifically designed to address the varied demands of deepwater remote intervention, maintenance and construction support markets, both now and in the future. Ordered following the successful introduction of the ST327L Fugro Saltire in 2008, the 130m ST327L-CD Fugro Symphony is longer than the Fugro Saltire by 19m and features an enlarged deck space, plus a number of upgrades designed to enhance the overall productivity of the vessel in its primary construction role. A large 7.2m by 7.2m moon-pool is located aft of the vessel superstructure and can be used to deploy subsea infrastructure using the vessel crane or a module handling towerDP System The Fugro Symphony is the latest DP2 vessel to be equipped with the new K-master DP system from Kongsberg Maritime AS. The new Integrated Automation System (IAS) integrates thruster control, rudder and bridge equipment all into one platform. The system delivers a breadth of functionality to the finger-tips of the operator and its design ensures that each and every sub-system can be operated safely and efficiently. Cranes and Back DeckThe Fugro Symphony is equipped with a MacGregor "Active Boost" 150Te Capacity, Active Heave Compensated (AHC) knuckleboom crane, capable of subsea lifts in single fall mode down to 3,000m water depth. The crane is situated on the starboard side of the main deck and mounted on a 3m high pedestal. In addition to the main crane there is a 10Te auxiliary subsea crane capable of 1,000m single fall located aft of the main structure providing cover of a section of the back deck including the moon-pool area. The Fugro Symphony is named! Fugro Symphony showing large 1,400m2 deck area & 150T crane

11 AQUASPHEREDeck AreaThe rear deck is an impressive 65m x 22m, providing 1,400m2 of available area for the exclusive use of our project equipment and hardware. The deck is finished in 22mm thick steel plate with a loading capability of 10Te per square metre which offers the capability to carry substantial loads with minimal constraints on deck layout as the deck has no 'no-weld' zones. ROV Systems As with the Fugro Saltire, the Fugro Symphony is fitted with two Fugro FCV 3000 work-class ROV systems located within the centrally located hanger area and deployed over port and starboard sides. The FCV 3000s feature the latest Fugro technology including Inertial Navigation System (INS) providing station keeping waypoint navigation capability and an in-built simulator allowing mission rehearsal. The new overhead-mounted telescoping Launch and Recovery System (LARS) comprises of a docking head carried on an overhead telescoping rail mounted in the hangar roof. This telescoping rail extends out through the launch doors on either side of the vessel. Fugro Symphony Twin CabinFor relaxation there are 2 gymnasiums, 2 saunas, 2 lounge areas, an internet café and a 54 seat cinema which also doubles up as a project team briefing room if required. The Fugro Symphony has already secured several projects and is a welcome addition to the Fugro Subsea Services fleet of vessels. The LARS system is controlled from an integrated control system in hangar area. The hangar doors comprise of 2 sections, 1 of which lowers into a recess in the ships hull. Once deployed this section can be raised to provide protection from the elements during long dives. The overhead LARS also means that there is more space available in the Hangar area providing a more spacious, flexible working environment for ROV maintenance and preparations. The FCV 3000s are deployed from active heave compensated winches which expand the vessel's 'weather-window' and will ensure operational reliability, accuracy and precision, which are vital elements when working offshore in adverse climate conditions. Living Area The office and accommodation area is outfitted to the highest of Norwegian standards and provides living accommodation for 105 people in 31 single and 37 double cabins. For vessel operations, a large central control room provides a unique open plan working environment for the entire ROV team and surveyors, which is linked to the adjoining off-line survey room. There are 3 client offices (15m2, 23m2 and 25m2) and a 37m2conference room. Fugro Symphony naming Ceremony L to R; Terje Sjumarken Managing Director, Bergen Group BMV, Grant Aitchison, MD Fugro Subsea Services Ltd, Val Aitchison, Ship Sponsoring Lady and Captain Nils Schei.