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5North America has something to offer for everyone!Whether it is the big, brash and buzzing New York City orthe grand architecture and colonial buildings of Boston,it could be the windy city of Chicago or the impressivemuseums and monuments of Washington DC on theeast coast.You may prefer to get star struck in tinsel town as youtake in the hand and footprints of the stars at Mann'sChinese Theatre, or relax on the beautiful beaches ofMalibu and Santa Monica. You must experience themagic of the Grand Canyon and the cosmopolitanstreets of San Francisco.Why not visit the birthplace of jazz and soak up theatmosphere in New Orleans and don't miss Elvis'Graceland in Memphis. Canada has so much to offerin the way of fantastic scenery and relaxation as wellas great shopping and cosmopolitan cities. The WestCoast boasts some fabulous ski resorts where as theEast can entice you with the magnificent Niagara Falls.

6Reservations: Dublin 01 6733800 or Belfast 028 9051 1800At American Holidays the wellbeing and safety of our customers is a highpriority. One of the joys of travelling abroad is experiencing the different wayof life in other countries. However, it is important to remember that safety andhygiene standards in some destinations differ from those we take for granted at home. Hotels,apartments, homes and other facilities will be obliged to meet local safety regulations, butthese do not always match Irish standards, which are among the highest in the world. Wetherefore strongly recommend that upon arrival in resort, you and your family should familiariseyourselves with your accommodation and its safety procedures, as a safeguard in the unlikelyevent of an emergency. How To Choose My Hotel & Room TypeOur reference to hotel in this brochure covers all accommodation and does not necessarily distinguishbetween local classifications such as "motel" or "Inn". Most hotel rooms in the US consist of 2 double bedsand can sleep up to 4 people. In many hotels, where the maximum occupancy of the room exceeds thenumber of beds listed in the brochure description a roll away bed can be provided at a charge ofapproximately $25.00 per night usually payable locally. New York is an exception to this rule where in manycases a twin room may consist of two single beds or one double bed and bedding usually cannot beguaranteed. It is important to note that the size of rooms in New York is exceptionally smaller in comparisonto rooms in Florida. All prices in this brochure are based on "Standard Rooms". In many properties we have various differentroom types, while our prices are based on "Standard Rooms" we can in most cases give you a quotationin an upgraded room type i.e. poolside, beach view, suite etc, these different room types are available at apremium. A number of the properties which feature in our brochure, being low rise properties do not insome instances have lift facilities. If it is imperative to your requirements that your accommodation providesa lift facility please ensures that you bring this matter to our attention at the time of booking. American Holidays Star RatingsIn the U.S. there is no uniform grading system for hotels. So American Holidays has created its own gradingsystem. This system is based on a broad spectrum of factors ranging from location to facilities, from valuefor money to general standards of service and design. What is an important factor in choosing youraccommodation in Orlando may not even be considered when picking a hotel in New York. In some casesprices can be an indication of the standard of the property but inevitably there are differences from placeto place. Do remember when choosing your hotel that if you pay the lowest price you cannot expect thehighest standard of accommodation - very often by paying a little extra, you can make a good holiday atruly memorable one. A half star is used when we feel the standard of the property is between categories. Comfortable, basic accommodation offering value for money Good medium standard accommodation offering a range of facilities First class property with good facilities, location and popular with regular visitors Excellent accommodation with a large range of restaurants and amenities. Taxes, Security Charges and BaggageTaxes which vary from airline to airline and destination to destination will apply on all flights. These taxescan range from ?100 - ?350 (subject to change). In some destinations, notably the Caribbean, Mexico andCanada, a local departure tax is payable at the airport, these taxes are not included in the prices of ourholidays and must be paid for locally by the passenger.BaggageBaggage allowance to the US is generally 1 checked piece per person of 23kg, if you go over this allowanceyou will be charged on a per kilo basis. This amount is at the discretion of the airline. A second checkedbag can usually be booked for a fee. Should you break your journey at any Gateway city or take a separate internal flight, you will be chargedfor all luggages.Details of your baggage allowance will be on your travel documentation. Passengers should note that handbaggage restrictions are in place for passengers travelling to the United States. Passengers should notethat hand baggage restrictions are in place for travelling to the U.S. You should check with the relevantairline website for further details.Flights & Flight Times When you receive your travel documents, please check the flight numbers and timings on your tickets. It isadvisable to check directly with your relevant airline to ensure that no schedule changes have occurredprior to departure. Check-in for international flights is 3 hours prior to departure. Some direct flights have an en route stop-over for technical or operational reasons. Customs and immigration can usually be cleared at your firstpoint of entry to the United States if travelling via the UK. Passengers travelling from Dublin T2 or Shannoncan utilize the full immigration and customs clearance facility for all US bound non stop flights. Bags arechecked to final destination allowing you to make a connection from gate to gate at your arrival airport. There are occasions, completely beyond our control, when a flight is delayed and American Holidays doesnot have any liability for delays which may arise. Such changes will not be regarded as a significant changeand you will not be entitled to cancel your holiday without paying the appropriate cancellation charge. Important InformationImportantInformation