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Book online at www.americanholidays.com123Booking conditionsnot transferable. (e)In accordance with the terms of Clause 1(a) the Consumer whotransfers a holiday booking and the transferee should be aware that some suppliers, suchas carriers, impose cancellation fees and apply restrictions which are not within thecontrol of the Organiser and for which the Organiser shall not be held liable.12. ALTERATION BY THE CONSUMERIf after acceptance by the Organiser a Consumer wishes to alter a holiday, the Organisermay do so at its discretion if practicable. A request for alteration must be made by theConsumer by e-mail or in writing to the Retailer (who shall forward same to the Organiser)or, where the booking has been made directly with the Organiser to the Organiser and mustbe accompanied by the relevant administration fee per person, (which payment is notrefundable. If the alteration is impracticable the original holiday arrangement shall continueto apply. No alterations are permitted to bookings within 28 days of the date of travel. Noalteration by the consumer shall be effective until such time as the Organiser issues writtenconfirmation of acceptance of such alteration and the contract between the Organiser andthe Consumer shall be thereby amended to include such alteration. If only some of theConsumers booking request a change, which is found to be practicable, a price adjustmentfor all Consumers on the same booking may be payable and must be discharged on thedate shown in the Organiser's written confirmation of such change. If default is made bythe Consumer in complying with the foregoing requirements, the Organiser shall have theright to cancel the holiday in accordance with Clause 10 and the cancellation charges asprovided for in Clause 10 are payable by the Consumer. Once travel has commenced, nochanges or alterations may be made by the Consumer and no refunds shall be made inrespect of flights or other travel arrangements, which are not availed of.13. ACCOMMODATION ON REQUESTIf the Organiser is unable to obtain the particular accommodation requested by theConsumer, the Organiser shall take all reasonable steps to make a comparablealternative available to the Consumer. If the accommodation requested by the Consumercannot be confirmed or an alternative offered or if the alternative offered is notacceptable to the Consumer, the Consumer shall be entitled to a refund of all moniespaid to the Organiser unless otherwise agreed between the parties at time of booking. 14. RESORTS(i) Building WorksWhenever the Organiser learns of a development work likely to affect enjoyment of the holiday,the Organiser will endeavour to contact the consumer if there is time before departure, If suchwork, in the organiser's opinion will seriously impair the enjoyment of the consumer's holidays,the organiser will offer an alternative holiday or a full refund of monies paid. (ii) ConventionsMany of the destinations which we feature are popular locations for conventions of allvarieties including business,special interests ,social & sporting events.If you do not wishto holiday in a destinations where conventions are held you should request us to makeenquiries in relation to your preferred destination before proceeding with the booking.15. ALTERATIONS AND CANCELLATIONS BY THE ORGANISER(a) Without prejudice to the Consumer's statutory rights, the Organiser reserves the rightto alter, change, curtail or cancel a holiday. (b) If as a consequence of "force majeure"(as defined in sub-paragraph (f) of this clause), the Organiser is obliged to curtail, alter,extend or cancel a holiday, the Consumer shall not be at liberty to maintain a claim forcompensation or otherwise for any loss arising as a consequence of the saidcurtailment, alteration, extension or cancellation of the holiday. (c) A minimum numberof bookings are required for a programme of holidays. The Organiser's obligation toprovide that programme shall be contingent upon the Organiser receiving andmaintaining that minimum number of bookings. In the event that the Organiser does notreceive the minimum number of bookings or having received such minimum numberhas that number reduced by reason of cancellations or transfers by the Consumers orotherwise, the Organiser shall be entitled to cancel or curtail the relevant programme atany time up to 4 weeks prior to the departure date and the Consumer shall not beentitled to make a claim for loss arising as a consequence of cancellation or curtailmentin these circumstances. The Organiser shall notify the Consumer within seven days ofany cancellation or curtailment necessitated by the foregoing circumstances. (d) (i) Ifprior to the departure date there is a cancellation, alteration, change or curtailmentrelating to a holiday, which results in more than 18 hours change in the time ofdeparture or return, or a change of resort or in the type of accommodation offered, orsome other change which fundamentally alters the holiday, the Consumer shall beentitled to withdraw from the contract without penalty or to accept the alteration to thecontract. (ii) The Consumer shall inform the Organiser or the Retailer (as appropriate, inlight of the Organiser's instructions) of his decision to accept the alteration to thecontract or to withdraw from the contract, in writing, within 7 days from the date uponwhich the Consumer was notified of a circumstance falling within Clause 15(d)(i) Wherethe Consumer confirms acceptance of the alteration to the contract, the contractbetween the Organiser and the Consumer shall thereby be amended to include suchalteration. (iii) Where the Consumer withdraws from the contract pursuant to Clause15(d)(i) or where the Organiser, for any reason other than the fault of the Consumer,cancels the package prior to departure the Consumer is entitled (a) to take areplacement package of equivalent or superior quality if the Organiser (whether directlyor through a Retailer) is able to offer such a replacement, as may be offered by theOrganiser; or (b) to take a replacement package of lower quality if the Organiser is ableto offer such a replacement and to recover from the Organiser the difference in pricebetween that of the package purchased and the replacement package, as may beoffered by the Organiser; or (c) to have repaid as soon as possible all the monies paidunder the contract. (iv) In the event that the offer of an alternative holiday is notaccepted by the Consumer, in writing, within such time as shall be determined by theOrganiser, from the date of the offer of the alternative holiday the Organiser shallassume that the Consumer has declined such offer and the Consumer shall only beentitled to return of payments made. (e) Further, where the Organiser cancels, alters,changes or curtails the holiday as contemplated in Clause 15(d)i the Consumer shallbe entitled to receive compensation in accordance with the scale set out in this sub-paragraph. No compensation shall be payable where the alteration is for the reasonsreferred to in Clauses 15(b) or 15(c) or where the Consumer accepts the alteration asprovided for in Clause 15(d)(ii). Notification Period Prior to departure dateCompensation per PersonWithin 10 weeks ?15Within 6 weeks ?25Within 4 weeks ?35Within 2 weeks ?45(f) In accordance with the provisions of Clause 1(a) the Consumer should be aware thatsome suppliers, such as carriers, impose cancellation fees and apply restrictions whichare not in the control of the Organiser and for which the Organiser shall not be held liable.In this Booking Form the term "force majeure" means unusual and unforeseeablecircumstances beyond the control of the Organiser, the Retailer or other suppliers ofservices, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all due carehad been exercised or an event which the Organiser, the Retailer or the supplier ofservices even with all due care could not foresee or forestall, including, Acts of God,natural disasters, adverse weather conditions, fire or other destruction of any vessel, craftor vehicle to be used in connection with a holiday, riots, acts of war, civil commotion,exercise of legislative, municipal, military or other authority, strikes, industrial action,requisition of equipment, mechanical breakdown, shortage of fuel, insolvency or defaultof any carrier or service supplier connected with a holiday, fraud perpetrated against theOrganiser or any other reason beyond the control of the Organiser.16. INSURANCE THE CONSUMER'S ATTENTION IS DRAWN TO THE EXCLUSION CLAUSES ANDEXCESSES IN THE INSURANCE POLICY ARRANGED BY THE ORGANISER. It is acondition of this contract that the Consumer is covered either by the travel insurancescheme arranged by the Organiser or covered by another travel insurance scheme whichfurnishes the Consumer with at least the same level of cover as that afforded by the travelscheme arranged by the Organiser. It is the responsibility of the Consumer to check thatthe insurance scheme provides the Consumer with his desired level of cover. In arrangingany insurance cover for the Consumer the Organiser is acting as the agent of the relevantinsurer and shall not be responsible to the Consumer for any default by the insurer underthat policy. All claims made against the insurance policy shall be made directly to theinsurer. The Consumer shall be responsible for making any special or increasedinsurance arrangements which he deems necessary.17. IDENTITY OF CARRIERSWe are obliged to inform you, at time of booking, of the identity of the operating aircarrier(s) which is due to perform, or likely to perform, your flight and if there are anychanges to the operating air carrier(s) we are obliged to inform you of any suchchange(s) as soon as possible. If we don't know the identity of the operating carrier(s) attime of booking, we must inform you of same as soon as such identity is established. Inall cases, we are obliged to inform you of the identity of the operating air carrier at check-in or on boarding, where no check-in is required for a connecting flight.In accordance with EU Directive - (EC) No.2111/2005, Article 9, we are required tobring to your attention the existence of a 'Community Blacklist', which contains details ofair carriers that are subject to an operating ban within the EU Community. TheCommunity list is available for inspection at en.htm18. ExcursionsExcursions include, but are not restricted to, any sightseeing trips, gigs, events or othertours attended in resort for which additional payment is required. Where an excursion(s)is booked and/or paid for in resort the excursion(s) do not form part of your contract withus and are not subject to the Package Holidays and Travel Trade Act, 1995. We do nothave any responsibility or liability whatsoever for anything which may go wrong on theexcursion booked at resort. We, our servants, employees or agents are acting,depending upon the actual excursion booked at resort, either as agents for the relevantexcursion supplier or as agent for you. In any event the contract for any excursionbooked at resort is between you and the excursion provider. It is your responsibility tonote carefully any conditions of contract contained in any excursion, literature, ticket orreceipt you are given. For excursions booked in resort you may be subject to the lawsof the country in which you take your excursion and may be required to bring anydisputes or claims before the Courts of that country also.BOOKING TERMS & CONDITIONSFLIGHTSThe following Terms & Conditions apply when you book Flight Only with us.1. Contract Any booking made or order placed by you, whether through the SHG I website orotherwise, shall be deemed an offer by you to purchase the relevant items subject tothese booking conditions. Note that SHG I are selling the tickets as agents for theairlines, which means the contract for the flight product will be between you and theairline. Please note that for each ticket there are additional terms which are specific tothat fare. Mo st instant purchase tickets are non-refundable when cancelled. You areresponsible for complying with any airline's terms in relation to check-in times,reconfirmation of flights or other matters. In relation to flight tickets, you are required touse all flight coupons in order of sequence. If this requirement is not met the airline mayvoid the ticket.2. ReservationsBe aware that certain airlines do not maintain "real time" seat availability in the airlinereservations system to which we connect. Whilst every effort is made to reflect the truesituation, instances may occur when airlines cancel sales. SHG I will advise you if this isthe case and will endeavour to reinstate your booking.3. TicketsIf it is not possible to get your flight tickets to you (e.g. because your travel date isimminent) we may insist that you have an "e-ticket" or a TOD (ticket on departure)generated. A TOD is when you will have to pick up your ticket at your point ofdeparture. We will ensure you know exactly where to pick up your tickets. Where anairline provides e-ticketing on a specific route this will be the only ticketing optionmade available. Electronic tickets are stored in the airline's computer rather thanprinted on paper. The service is similar to the traditional paper ticket process buteliminates the time and hassle associated with purchasing or exchanging a paperticket. When you arrive at the airline check in desk you will be required to present anofficial form of identification (i.e. passport) to receive your boarding pass. Please notethat you must print out your confirmation page or confirmation email to show to theairline. Because your e-ticket is held in the airline's computer, you cannot forget it orlose it. More importantly, your e-ticket cannot be stolen, saving you the cost of areplacement ticket. You do not have to wait for your e-ticket to be delivered to you.4. Flight ReconfirmationAll onward and return flights must be reconfirmed with the relevant airlines at least 72hours prior to the commencement of that leg of the journey unless specifically informedotherwise by that airline. SHG I accepts no responsibility for bookings cancelled due tonon-compliance with rules set by that particular airline. SHG I also take no responsibilityfor any flight rescheduling en route.5. Passports/Visas/Health RequirementsSHGI is very happy to inform you of current travel documentation requirements if you sorequire. It is incumbent upon you to ensure that you meet the passport, visa, healthrequirements of the countries you wish to visit and those that you transit (even if it is fora plane change). Many countries require that your passport should be valid for a periodof (a minimum) six months from the date of arrival into that country. SHGI does not acceptany responsibility if you should be denied boarding or deported due to non-fulfillment ofthe above. All passengers including children under 16 require individual passports.6. InsuranceThe Organiser strongly urges you to carry appropriate travel insurance to cover you forcancellation, health, baggage etc. 7. Airline regulations/conditions of carriagePlease note that in all transactions SHG I acts as agents of the airlines you have chosento book on. Conditions of carriage are available on request. 8. Cancellation / AmendmentsIf you need to change or cancel your travel plans, it is your responsibility to notify SHG Iin writing of such request. Most tickets are nonrefundable, but some can be amendedfor a change fee, plus any applicable penalties. Most scheduled airlines do not allowname changes. SHG I can apply the relevant administration fee per booking for anymodifications, changes or cancellations to fares. This will be regardless of the price orface value of the fare. In addition to the SHG I charges, most airlines also have a penaltyor cancellation fee for any changes or cancellations to fares.9. RefundsIf you want to cancel your journey it is important that you notify us in writing with utmosturgency. This enables us to cancel your reservation with the airline. Please note mostinstant purchase tickets are non-refundable when cancelled. If you already have yourticket please submit it to us. Tickets must be sent to:Specialist Holidays Group Ireland, Accounts Department, 18-19 Duke Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.On receipt of the ticket we will send you an acknowledgement that we have received it.Those tickets which are refundable or cancelled by us will be processed and refundedback to your credit card in approximately 16 weeks from our receipt of the ticket. Sometickets may need to be submitted to the airline for the cancellation and/or refund to beauthorised. In this event your refund request may take longer, but we will advise you inour acknowledgement of the expected turnaround period. Please note that most airlinesdo not refund on part used tickets. Tickets which are returned more than 1 year fromdate of issue are classified as expired tickets and must be submitted to the airline fortheir authority to refund.10. Lost TicketsIf you lose your tickets, it may be possible to re-issue them for a fee. The amount payablewill depend on the circumstances of the loss and how close to the travel date youdiscover it. However, not all tickets can be re-issued; which is another good reason forensuring you have sufficient insurance cover. Tickets will be dispatched to you inaccordance with your instructions and we accept no responsibility for their delivery. Losttickets which cannot be reissued are refunded at the sole discretion of the airline; theserefunds can take up to one year to be authorised.11. LiabilityAs SHG I acts as agent this will mean that it will have no contractual liability to you inrespect of the flight product. However, it may still be liable to you if it has beennegligent; it has misrepresented important information or has been in breach of anyother relevant law.12. Unreasonable behaviourIf in the reasonable opinion of a person acting in authority you are not fit to travel, he orshe may refuse to let you board the aircraft. Normally this happens if such person thinksyou are likely to disturb or harm other passengers. In this case your contract with SHG Iwill end immediately and we will no longer be responsible for you13. Charter FlightsIn the sale of charter flights SHG I acts as agent for various third party suppliers. Thecontract for the charter flight will be between you and the relevant supplier and you willbe subject to their terms and conditions. In addition as we incur cost in administratingcancellations and modifications, if you ask us to administer any relevant cancellationand/or amendment on your behalf we will charge an administration fee. Please be awarethat this fee will be in addition to any charge you may have to pay the supplierBOOKING TERMS & CONDITIONSHOTELSThe following Terms & Conditions apply when you book AccommodationOnly with us.1. Legal Capacity: When we book accommodation for you we are acting as youragent and in such circumstances our role is limited to the following services unlessotherwise specifically agreed in writing: -(a) the effecting of a reservation; (b) theprocuring of confirmation of such reservation; (c) the forwarding of considerationtendered by you for such reservation to the accommodation supplier; & (d) theconfirmation on your behalf of your, the consumer's, acceptance of the accommodationsupplier's terms and conditions. A copy of any accommodation supplier's terms andconditions are available on request. When we deal with you as your agent we have nocontractual liability for the services, which we have purchased on your behalf.2. Prices & Fees: Prices stated are on per room per night basis and include VAT unlessotherwise stated. Resort fees, extra bedding such as cots and rollaway beds are payablelocally in some hotels but can be requested through us. Unless otherwise stated,breakfast, lunch and dinner are not included. Star ratings may differ according to thecountry where the hotel is located and are out of our control. 3. Photographs Of Rooms: Please be aware that the hotel room photos are only adepiction of the type of rooms on offer and may not represent the actual room provided.4. Modifications/Cancellations:If you wish to cancel your hotel room, pleasecontact our Operations Department by telephone on 014331050. We also acceptemail cancellations on It is essential to include your bookingnumber, registered email address and details of your cancellation. In the event ofcancellation for whatever reason you shall be liable to pay SHGI the relevantadministration fee per person. This could be in addition to any cancellation charges &local taxes any hotel may impose. 5. Force Majeure:We will not be liable for any changes, cancellation, effect on yourbooking, loss or damage suffered by you or for any failure by the accommodationproviders and/or us to perform or properly perform any of our respective obligations toyou which is due to any event(s) or circumstance(s) if the non performance is caused byforce majeure. By way of example force majeure includes, but is not limited to, war,revolution, terrorist act, closure of borders, epidemic, natural catastrophe or other causesthat seriously affect both parties and in particular the place where the accommodationprovider is located as well as our country of origin and other unforeseeable causesbeyond our control. 6. Building Works:Refer to A: Package Holidays Clause 14.BC

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