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10What's included What's included in theprice of your Cruise? Flights and TransfersWhen you see Fly/Cruise shown this will include Roundtripflights ex Ireland, we can offer flights ex Belfast, Cork andDublin. As many flights do not always arrive on time to connectwith the cruise departure time, you may need to depart Irelandone or two days before your cruise date. Your cruise specialistwill advise you of all the correct details. As we tailor make allcruise packages, transfers are not automatically included in theprice, please ask one of our cruise specialists if it is possible toadd on transfers at time of booking. AccommodationIf you need to stay overnight at a hotel before boarding yourship or after disembarkation we can book this for you. ForCruise and Stay holidays we have included hotelaccommodation in the cost. Please refer to the bottom cornerof each page where we will show how many nights hotelaccommodation is included in the shown cost.** Please note the above grid is to give you a general idea of what isincluded in an average cruise. The above facilities are available onselected ships please ask your cruise specialist for more details.Cover charge applies for speciality dining restaurants of approxbetween $10-$25pp. Kids club may charge a fee when ship is inport and also a fee can apply for babysitting for selected times.**Visit us at www.americanholidays.comEn - Suite AccommodationTV, safe, fridge, hair dryer and mini- bar 24 Hour room service and Dining Iced Water, selected Teas, Coffee and lemonade Most Meals - Fine Dining in the Main Dining room,Casual Dining, Speciality dining and buffet-stylerestaurants Nightclub EntranceWest End Style ShowsCasino EntranceUp to as many as 20 different bars & Lounges State of the art GymPools & Hot TubsTable Tennis, chess, basketball, Rock Climbing, IceSkating Rink, Flow Rider machine, Zip LineKids ClubsA New destination nearly every day What's not included inthe price of yourCruise? .Alcoholic and premium Soft drinks, Kids fountain sodapackage .Dining in Speciality restaurants which have a cover chargeor offer a la carte pricing .Service charge (Gratuities) if not already pre-paid.Shore Excursions.Beauty and Body treatments in the Spa, indoor poolrelaxation areas, some of the fitness classes.Internet and Telephone usage.Photographs taken by onboard photographers.Laundry Service.Travel Insurance .Cabin Upgrades.Honeymoon and Anniversary Packages .Purchases from onboard Gift and Souvenir Shops

Book today by calling Reservations: Dublin 014331030 or Belfast 028 9051 1830What shall I pack?On the first dayFor the first day of your cruise, pack a small carry-on bag withyour travel documents, a change of clothes, swimsuit, sun tanlotion, camera, exercise clothes and any medications youmay need. That way you don't have to wait for your checkedbags to arrive in your stateroom.Onboard attire...Shorts, t-shirts, slacks, trousers, casual skirts, blouses andsundresses are all perfect during the day, whether indoorsor out.For lounging by the pool, pack two swimsuits (an extra one incase the other is wet) and a pair of casual shoes (e.g. flip-flops, sandals, trainers). You'll also need some casual shortsand a couple of t-shirts or a cover-up for getting to and fromthe pool areas. If you're planning to visit the onboard fitnesscentre, make sure you bring extra shorts, t-shirts and socksthat you won't mind working out in - plus a pair of tennis orrunning shoes/trainers.Dinner attire...The number of casual, informal and formal nights will dependon which cruiseline you are sailing with Suggested guidelinesfor these nights are:Casual:Polo shirts and trousers for men, sundresses ortrousers for womenSmart Casual: Jackets and ties for men, dresses or trousersuits for womenFormal:Suits and ties or tuxedos for men, cocktail dressesfor womenOn the last evening Since all suitcases are collected the night before you returnto port, don't forget to pack an overnight bag packed withyour toiletries, nightwear and a change of clothes for thefollowing morning for disembarkation, also remember to packany prescriptions and need to have items. What's the weathergoing to be like? Our cruises visit a variety of continents and destinationsworldwide and therefore the weather in each region will vary.Some of the destinations visited are tropical and mayexperience heavy rainfall or strong winds (sometimes athurricane force) at certain times of the year. AmericanHolidays cannot accept liability for adverse weatherconditions during your cruise holiday.When can I getonboard? The boarding time for your ship and sailing date is specifiedin your Guest Ticket Booklet. Please do not plan on arriving atthe pier before the specified time as the ship will not be readyto board guests. Due to new government regulationsrequiring cruise lines to submit final departure manifests atleast 60 minutes prior to sailing, guests are requested tocomplete Online Check-In no later than three days prior totheir cruise. If you do not complete Online Check-In threedays prior, you will be required to complete this process at thepier at least two hours prior to the published sailing time.Please note: All guests must be checked-in and onboard theship no later than 90 minutes prior to the published sailingtime or you will not be permitted to sail.How can I pay foronboard purchases?All cruiselines operate using a 'cashless' system, meaningyour boarding card (also known as your SeaPass card) will beused as a charge card to make all onboard purchases.Normally, to activate this SeaPass account, most guestsprovide a credit card to which these purchases are chargedat the end of their cruise. In addition, the SeaPass systemmay be activated with traveller's cheques, debit cards orcash. A running tab of all your purchases will be kept underseparate folio numbers for each guest, and an itemisedstatement left in your stateroom the night beforedisembarkation. If you provided a credit card, and there areno discrepancies, the amount will be charged to your accounton the morning of disembarkation. If you have used traveller'scheques or cash to activate the account, you will need tosettle the account at the Guest Relations desk (either toreceive a reimbursement of the unused amount you originallyleft or to pay the balance of what you have charged in excessof the amount that you originally left). What about tipping?You will have either prepaid the service charge on yourholiday invoice or it will be charged to your on-board account.In addition, a suggested gratuity of 15% on drink bills and18% on spa and salon bills will be added automatically andcharged to your on-board account.Is there any chance ofrough sailing?All ships are fully stabilised for the smoothest possiblecruising and all cruiselines aim to sail in regions at the timesof year when the seas are at their calmest. How can I celeberatea special occasion?If you or a loved one have a special celebration coming upwhilst onboard the ship, let us know! We can help you withthat little extra something that can make this the best holidayever. Anything from dining in the speciality restaurant, abouquet of flowers, bottle of wine, stateroom decorations,birthday cake, kids packs, special romance package withchampagne, breakfast in bed, bon voyage gifts and muchmore - We can help you celebrate in style.Still want to know more? Please contact our CruiseSpecialists who will be very happy to assist you.Frequently Asked Questions & What's Included 11FrequentlyaskedquestionsYour cruise holiday is an experience you'll never forget, we want to help you get the very mostout of every moment. So here are our few of our most popular asked questions..